Bear Attack

When most people hear “bear attack,” gruesome images of death and despair come to mind.  One courageous indie rock band is here to change that! This Bear Attack is a 5-piece group whose members hail from four different regions of the US. After meeting at music school in California and gigging around as supporting musicians for other acts, they became close friends and decided to create a band of their own. Finally having a creative outlet led to an outpouring of honest and artistic music, and so Bear Attack was born.

Drawing upon their diverse personal and musical backgrounds, Bear Attack crafts smart, melodic pop songs with influences ranging from Radiohead’s harmonic sensibilities to the vocal writing techniques of choral composers such as Eric Whitacre and haunting Irish songwriters, The Swell Season.

Bear Attack successfully funded their debut 6-song EP, “Shapes,” through online fundraising site, Kickstarter, with the support of more than 80 unique donors. Since its release last summer, three songs have been featured on the hit ABC Family show, “Pretty Little Liars.” In particular, “The Backpack Song” was prominently featured in a critical scene in the season three finale, which garnered the band a global following.

Bear Attack is excited to find out what their musical future holds after graduating this spring.

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