Music Industry

Bachelor of Science in Music Industry (Technology Option)


The BS in music industry is a four-year, 128-unit program, consisting of general education, writing, music industry courses, core music courses (keyboard instruction, fundamentals of music theory, and a music elective) and foundations of business finance. Two tracks are offered: industry and technology. An internship is required for both tracks.

Business Related Courses (16 units)

ECON 203 Principles of Microeconomics (4 units)
ECON 205 Principles of Macroeconomics (4 units)
ACCT 410 Accounting for Non-Business Majors (4 units)
BUAD 307 Marketing Fundamentals (4 units)

Program Intensive Courses (60 units)

MUIN 270 Introduction to the Music Industry (4 units)
MUIN 275ab Recording Arts Workshop (two 4-unit courses)
MUIN 280 Communications in the Music Industry (4 units)
MUIN 360 Introduction to Music Law (4 units)
MUIN 446ab Computer Assisted Recording and Editing (two 2-unit courses)
MUIN 450 Practicum in Music Industry (8 units)

Three courses from the following: (three 4-unit courses)
MUIN 370, MUIN 385, MUIN 425, MUIN 430, MUIN 435, MUIN 440, MUIN 443, MUIN 445, MUIN 495, MUIN 496 (4 units)

Twelve units from the following:
MTEC 448 (2 units), MTEC 474a (2 units), MUIN 287 (2 units), MUIN 340 (4 units), MUIN 389 (2 units), MUIN 392ab (two 2-uint courses), MUIN 442 (2 units), MUIN 476ab (two 2-uint courses), MUIN 477 (2 units), MUIN 478 (2 units), MUIN 479 (2 units), MUIN 493 (2 units)

Core Thornton Academic Courses (10 units)

MUCO 101 Fundamentals of Music Theory (2 units)
MPKS 150ab Beginning Piano (two 2-unit courses)

One course from the following: (4 units)
MUHL 315, MUSC 444, MUSC 450, MUSC 460

General Education (32 units)

GE Cat. I-VI One course from each of six categories (six 4-unit courses)
WRIT 130/340 Writing (two 4-unit courses)

Electives (10 units)

Music or non-music courses (10 units)

All curricular requirements are evaluated on an annual basis and are subject to change. Students follow the curricular requirements as published in the USC Catalogue for their year of matriculation. A typical undergraduate credit load is 16-18 units per semester.