Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television

Graduate Certificate – Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television

  • The program details described below are subject to change. Actual degree requirements for a given academic year may differ from what is listed here.
  • Refer to the 2015-2016 USC Catalogue for complete course descriptions and degree requirements.
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  • Current students should refer to the specific requirements list for their major, which is available through the Thornton Student Affairs office.


The Graduate Certificate in Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television is a one-year, 30-unit program including course work in the following; composition for films, television and video games, history of film music scoring, film score analysis and preparation, conducting and animation writing and advanced application of film music technology.

For more information, go to the program website, including a guided tour of the program, faculty profiles and course descriptions, samples of the student composers’ works, application requirements and procedures, and a calendar of all SMPTV events.

Sample Summary of Program of Study

Lessons and Forum (6 units)

MUCO 545 Individual Instruction in Advanced Film Music Composition (two 2-unit courses)
MUCO 520 Composition Forum (two 1-unit courses)

Program Intensive Courses (30 units)

MUCO 440ab Composition for Films and Television (two 2-unit courses)
MUCO 442ab History of Film Music Scoring (two 2-unit courses)
MUCO 443ab Film Score Analysis and Preparation (two 2-unit courses)
MUCO 522ab Sketching and Scoring for Film and TV (two 2-unit courses)
MUCO 523ab Advanced Application of Film and Technology (two 2-unit courses)
MUCO 560ab Music Editing for Film (two 2-unit courses)
MUCO 540ab Composing Music for Games (two 2-unit courses)
CTPR 473 Directing the Composer (one 2-unit course)

All curricular requirements are evaluated on an annual basis and are subject to change. Students follow the curricular requirements as published in the USC Catalogue for their year of matriculation.

Gainful Employment Disclosures

The United States Department of Education requires that not-for-profit educational institutions disclose certain types of information regarding programs that do not lead to a degree. These federal regulations are designed to provide information about programs leading to gainful employment in a recognized occupation. The following link provides the required information for the Graduate Certificate program in Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television.