Annie Dingwall

“I am a storyteller, keeper of the words that bind together, tides and generations of time.”
— “Internal Wonder”

With clear-eyed optimism, compassionate clairvoyance, and a crystalline voice, singer/songwriter Annie Dingwall creates lyrics, melodies and performances that far surpass her chronological age. Her ever-expanding catalog of over 80 songs is both a product of fearless adventurousness and an intuitive understanding of her craft. “When I write a song I want it to have a surface layer, and the more you hear it you draw deeper meanings,” she avows. “I want listeners to be able to apply the songs to their lives and figure out what it means for them. That’s my goal – to touch people, but not tell them what they’re supposed to feel.”

Annie’s musical journey began at age 13. “Other people’s songs never said what I wanted to say so I started writing songs and it evolved from there.” From the onset it was clear she had an innate talent. But it is the delivery of her music in a 4-octave vocal range that captivates and mesmerizes audiences everywhere – from the power ballads, to the haunting melodies that give you goose bumps, to the quirky and catchy pop tunes that get stuck in you head for days – Annie is not easily forgotten.

Her accolades include 5 Downbeat Awards, BMI Festival honors, a finalist designation in the International Song Competition and scholarships from programs established by George Michael and Willie Hutch. She counts among her co-writers such luminaries as Jeffrey Steele (Rascal Flatts, Faith Hill); Angela Kaset (Wynonna Judd, Lorrie Morgan); and Chas Sandford (Tina Turner, Rod Stewart, Chicago). Annie’s songwriting and performing have taken her from her hometown of Plano, Texas to festivals, conferences and professional opportunities in Dallas, Nashville, New York, London, and Los Angeles.

She is now enrolled in the Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California (USC) as a Popular Music Performance major with Academy Award-winning and GRAMMY Award-winning composer and songwriter Randy Newman as her mentor.