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LES 2017 Annual Meeting (Licensing Executives Society)

Meet the USC Stevens Center for Innovation team at the Annual Meeting of the Licensing Executives Society in Chicago, Illinois, from October 22, 2017 to October 25, 2017.

Attending from USC Stevens are:

For more than 50 years, LES has been the leading association for intellectual property, technology, and business development professionals to achieve professional and personal success. LES is an independent, professional organization that facilitates global IP commerce through education, networking, standards development, and certification.

For more info, contact info@stevens.usc.edu.

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Joshua Aguiar - DMA Piano

Free and open to the public.
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Letting Your Inner Light Shine Through: A Talk by Her Holiness Shinso Ito

The USC Shinso Ito Center for Japanese Religions and Culture proudly presents Her Holiness Shinso Ito, the leader of the Shinnyo-en Buddhist organization, and one of the first women to attain the highest priestly ranking of daisōjō. Her Holiness will offer her insights on spiritual growth and delving into one’s inner self.

About Shinso Ito
Shinso Ito has been the leader of Shinnyo-en since 1989. In addition to being one of the few women to become a Buddhist master and attain the highest priestly rank of daisōjō, she has twice conducted important rituals at Daigoji, the Shingon Buddhist monastery in Kyoto founded in the 9th century, where the Shinnyo-en founder trained in the 1930s. Shinso Ito has pioneered innovations in interpreting Japanese esoteric Buddhist insights and practices for everyone. Under her leadership, Shinnyo-en has sponsored and developed what is probably the largest and most impactful Buddhist ceremony in the world, the Lantern Floating Hawaii ceremony that has been held in Honolulu for the past 19 years, in recent years attracting 50,000 participants. Shinnyo-en enthusiastically supports a number of leading religious studies institutions including the University of Southern California's Ito Center.

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USC School of Dramatic Arts presents: PUNK ROCK

In a private school outside of Manchester, England, a group of highly-articulate 17-year-olds flirt and posture their way through the day while preparing for their A-Level mock exams. With hormones raging and minimal adult supervision, the students must prepare for their future — and survive the savagery of high school. Inspired by playwright Simon Stephens’ experience as a teacher, Punk Rock exposes the corrupt heart of adolescence in a hilarious and chilling narrative. “[A] tender, ferocious and frightening play…Mr. Stephens, one of the most quietly original playwrights working today.” – The New York Times

Discounted parking is available for $10. Please inform the gate officer you are attending a School of Dramatic Arts performance.

Tickets purchased in person at the USC Ticket Office: students, $8; faculty and staff, $8; seniors, $10; general public, $15. Tickets purchased by phone of online are subject to an additional $2 per ticket fee and a $1 order fee over the entire order.

Hwi Eun Kim - DMA Violin

Free and open to the public.
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Hyemi Choi - MM Viola

Free and open to the public.
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