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NDIA 28th Navy Gold Coast Small Business Procurement Event

The San Diego Chapter of NDIA (National Defense Industrial Association) is proud to present the NDIA 28th Navy Gold Coast Small Business Procurement Event.

The purpose of Gold Coast is to provide a forum to educate, guide, and assist businesses, especially small businesses, in working with the government, primarily the Department of Defense.

NDIA is working to bring Informative and motivating speakers to present topics of interest regarding working with the government, specifically the Department of the Navy. Plan on attending exciting and relevant general/plenary and break-out sessions. Visit over 250 industry and government exhibitors along with dozens of posters containing company information and opportunities. There will also be plenty of opportunities for networking.

From ‘Harmonic Telegraph’ to Cellular Phones

It all started with two patents issued to Alexander Graham Bell in March 1876 and the world changed forever. Vast distances began to shrink. Soon, nobody was isolated. The invention produced a new industrial giant whose research laboratories supported the best in scientific research and engineering leading to major technical advances of the twentieth century. The desire for communication, anytime, anywhere spread fast; stationary phones connected by wires started fading away, replaced by “cellular phones” (“smart phones”) reflecting the cell structure of the wireless medium. This talk will provide a history of the telephones, starting from Alexander Graham Bell’s “harmonic telegraph” in 1876 to modern cellular phones.

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Securing an Internship

Are you interested in becoming an intern?  Do you know how to successfully submit your application and interview with employers?  Are you familiar with the different ways to learn about positions or organizations?  Want to learn the tricks of the trade?  If so, this workshop is for you! If you cannot attend the workshop, head on over to our Media section and listen to the Securing an Internship podcast.

Reservations are requested for this event. Your seat is not guaranteed unless you register. To reserve a seat, log into connectSC, search for the event under "Events," and click "RSVP".

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Welcome Back Barbeque

The Price School is kicking off the academic year with dinner and the chance to learn about geting involved with student organizations. Come celebrate with Price faculty, staff, and felow students!

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