Mora Mora

Mora Mora, a rock quintet from Los Angeles, has been described as the sonic baby of Radiohead, Foo Fighters, MuteMath, and U2… think weird nerd punk with a pop twist.

What started as a group of college friends backing a solo project has grown to have a life of it’s own. “It’s become bigger than any one of us now,” says Leland Cox, who adds textural live-producing to the band with his electronic sound design. The sonic identity of the band stems from the disparate backgrounds of its members. Cox, a prolific film composer in his own right, brings both unique ambiance and synthetic grit with his sound design. Lead guitarist Cary Singer, also an up and coming producer, adds heavier edge and virtuosic textures from his progressive musical upbringing. Nick Campbell brings a unique and deep pocket on the bass from his experience in the R&B and jazz world, and arising from his time as the drummer for The Rocket Summer and Disco Curtis (Myspace/Interscope), A.J. Novak adds force and a sense of urgency to the band’s songs. The honesty in frontman Matias Mora’s writing, along with his gritty, powerful vocals, adds a rawness finally completing the group’s sound.

After receiving an enthusiastic response from college audiences in Los Angeles, the group went public as its own entity in October of 2012. Since then the group has been establishing a dedicated fan-base, drawing close to 300 to their USC release show. Mora Mora plans to continue their trajectory in 2013. With rumors of a new single to be released in the coming months, a series of YouTube covers, and strings of summer shows, Mora Mora can hardly contain their excitement.

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