Faculty Absence Notification

According to the 2008 Faculty Handbook, faculty members are expected to notify their chair and/or dean when they plan to miss more than an occasional class (e.g., due to sudden illness). As per the Handbook, non-emergency absences should be reported in advance of the expected absence dates. For absences of up to two weeks of instruction the form will be forwarded to the chair or dean; for absences of more than two weeks the Provost’s Office has also requested notification. For further information please read Section 3–B (2) of the Handbook (PDF).

Class/Lesson (e.g. MUSC 338) (required) Date(s) (e.g. 9/12,13,14) (required) Coverage (Name(s)/e–mail & phone) (required)
If the absence is for a professional event, would you like the information shared with Thornton Marketing?