Music Operations

Music Operations Division

Jeff de Caen Image
Jeffrey de Caen
Associate Dean for Operations
Michelle Maestas Image
Michelle Maestas
Director of Production & Operations
Jennifer Barczykowski Image
Jennifer Barczykowski
Assistant Director of Operations
Bruce Harnishfeger Image
Bruce Harnishfeger
Facilities Manager
Marvin Munson Image
Marvin Munson
Evening Operations Manager
Rory Lynch
Scheduling Coordinator

Department of Piano Technology

Mark Britt Image
Mark Britt
Senior Piano Technician
Ann Hayden
Piano Technician
Yasuyo Nakamura
Assistant Piano Technician


Production Department

Heather Pio Roda Image
Heather Pio Roda
Assistant Director of Production
Victoria Nagle Image
Tori Nagle
Production Coordinator