Veronika Krausas

Based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth, The Mortal Thoughts of Lady Macbeth is a chamber opera written by Thornton faculty composer Veronika Krausas. The chamber opera based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth premiered in New York in 2008 and follows Lady Macbeth’s metamorphosis from greed for power through conflicting feelings over the murder of Duncan to further her husband’s political position, and ends with her final descent into madness and suicide.

The opera won Special Commendation at the International Composition Prize for Opera in 2008, and Best Opera and Best Performance by soprano Michelle Jasso at the Fresh Voices Festival in San Francisco in 2009.

A 2010 performance in Los Angeles, set in a musty attic, led Mark Swed to write in a review in the Los Angels Times: “A half-hour spent up close with mad Lady Macbeth, and spent in a spider-infested haunted space, with aerialists swaying overhead, feels like a major experience.”

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