Will Baldocchi

For the past 12 years, Will Baldocchi has been actively pursuing his career as a musician. Born in San Francisco in 1991 and raised by two music lovers, he had a natural gravitation towards the study and performance of music. Picking up drums at an early age, Baldocchi played in many different ensembles and bands throughout middle school and high school. His band The Bob Hill Band experienced success releasing a full-length album in 2009 under the independent label Rogue Island Entertainment and touring throughout the Bay Area. Currently Baldocchi is finishing his senior year in Thornton School of Music’s Popular Music Program at USC. In recent years, he has studied with Dave Getz, Ndugu Chancler, Patrice Rushen, and Will Hollis and has performed in master classes with Freddie Ravel and Steve Miller. Currently Baldocchi makes up half of Underliners Productions, an artist-centric production company based in Los Angeles.

Contact Info:
Cell: (415) 297-6515
Email: wbaldocchi@gmail.com