1940s – Graduate Alumni

A lost alumnus or alumna is one for whom we have no valid mailing address. Alumni are listed with their class year, full name and degree. They are sorted first by class year, then by last name.

As of September 1, 2020

Name Degree Major Class Year
Mabel A. Murphy MA Music 1940
George Robert Garner III MA Music 1941
Janice W. Hawkinson MA Music 1941
Dorothy Allen Smith MA Music 1941
Anne E. Aaronson MA Music 1942
Helene G. Champlin MA Music 1942
S. Keith Forney MA Music 1942
Ruth Anne Mc Kean MA Music 1942
Josephine Mitchell MA Music 1942
Jeannette M. Scott MA Music 1943
Edward R. Foord MA Music 1944
Lucile Iandri MA Music 1944
Rachel Marsman PHD Music 1944
Lois Skartvedt Drew MA Music 1945
Madeline L. Burnett MA Music 1946
Helen Francis Brockmeier MA Music 1947
Arthur G. Carr MA Music 1947
Muriel E. Dawley MA Music 1947
Elizabeth G. Jerles MA Music 1947
Esther M. Santee MA Music 1947
Leonard B. Sieff MA Music 1947
Fay Sparks MA Music 1947
Maryo Van Deman MA Music 1947
Dorothy W. Asher MA Music 1948
John D. Clifton MA Music 1948
Samuel G. Griffith MA Music 1948
Robert O. Morris MA Music 1948
Scotte Sloan MA Music 1948
Robert Waller Hord MA Music 1949
Jewel Wilfred Lord PHD Music 1949
George D. Montgomery MA Music 1949
Abel Peterson MA Music 1949
Charles Howard Smith MA Music 1949

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