1960s – Graduate Alumni

A lost alumnus or alumna is one for whom we have no valid mailing address. Alumni are listed with their class year, full name and degree. They are sorted first by class year, then by last name.

As of July 1, 2012

Name Degree Major Class Year
Coleen Round George MA Music 1960
Anthony Porto MA Music 1960
Blanche M. Schneider MA Music 1960
William A. Armstrong MA Music 1961
Justin Gray DMA Music Education 1961
Eunyce Duft Hanson MM Performance – Piano 1961
Daniel Sumner Karp MA Music 1961
John Steele Ritter DMA Performance – Piano 1961
Miles H. Anderson Jr. MA Music 1962
Robert D. Benfield MA Music 1962
William Joseph Bryan MM Music Education 1962
Charles William Davis MA Music 1962
M. Jean Griffin DMA Music Education 1962
George Bernard Levine MA Music 1962
Channing Sherwood Jordan MA Music 1963
Norman Richard Logan MA Music 1963
Mary Roggero MA Music 1963
Genevieve Ardelle Weide MM Performance – Vocal Arts 1963
Arthur Bligh Crighton MA Music 1964
Laura Fenster MA Music 1964
Martha Flowers Hooks MA Music 1964
Peter Savas Michaelides DMA Composition 1964
Hugh Weldon Moody MA Music 1964
Jacque Lewis Norman DMA Church Music 1964
Robert David Norman MA Music 1964
William Franklin Pitzer MA Music 1964
James Right Stone Jr. MA Music 1964
Ronald Lee Tarr DMA Performance – Piano 1964
Edwin Harry Willumsen Jr. MA Music 1964
Bert Anthony Braud MA Music 1965
Arthur Bligh Crighton DMA Church Music 1965
Mary Fan MA Music 1965
William Marvin Glick MA Music 1965
Ellen D. Klein MA Music 1965
Irene Liao MA Music 1965
Nels Kenneth Lundberg MA Music 1965
Kenneth Eugene Nyquist MA Music 1965
Glen Dale Reubart Jr. DMA Performance – Piano 1965
Joann Ruth Robbins MA Music 1965
Helen Sissem MA Music 1965
French Alexis Tickner MA Music 1965
Marie V. Wagner MA Music 1965
Louise Russell Waxer MA Music 1965
John Joseph Bart MA Music 1966
Carolyn Franz Burger MA Music 1966
David John Carney MA Music 1966
Kendall Newell Dayley MA Music 1966
Carol Purdy Green MA Music 1966
John Hamilton DMA Performance – Harpsichord 1966
Roger Wilbur Harris MA Music 1966
James Mabron Kay MA Music 1966
Marie B. King MA Music 1966
William Rulon Martin MA Music 1966
Carolyn Elaine Miller MA Music 1966
Theodore Price MA Music 1966
Warren Irvin Rasmussen DMA Music Education 1966
Weiling Chu MA Music 1967
Gary Kent Downs MA Music 1967
Marie Claude Gove MA Music 1967
Nelson Keyes DMA Composition 1967
Judith Klinger MM Performance – Vocal Arts 1967
Dannie R. Walther MA Music 1967
Agnes E. Westinghouse MA Music 1967
Marjory Liu Chen MA Music 1968
Robert Alfonso Desimone MA Music 1968
Margrete Edwina Froom MA Music 1968
Gordon Hafso MA Music 1968
Ruth Ann Halling MA Music 1968
Stephen Cedric Kaminsky MA Music 1968
Gretchen Mc Culloch MA Music 1968
David Dean Norman MA Music 1968
Betty Ann Parker MA Music 1968
Gerald W. Van-Deventer MA Music 1968
Mary Ann Costello MA Music 1969
Victoria Smith Davis MA Music 1969
La Verne Edwards MA Music 1969
Dorothy C. Frank MA Music 1969
Bruce William Gaston MM Performance – Accompanying 1969
William Marvin Glick DMA Performance – Piano 1969
Irma Luz Gray MA Music 1969
Eleanor Croft Hedwall MA Music 1969
Val J. Hicks MA Music 1969
Nancy Friend Kagan MA Music 1969
Donald Richard Kimble MA Music 1969
Vivian C. King MA Music 1969
Elisabeth M. Markle MA Music 1969
Lois Agnes Posta MA Music 1969
Mary Spire Wachner MA Music 1969
Leah L. White MM Performance – Vocal Arts 1969
Lynette Chiyomi Yanagi MA Music 1969
F. Zabolestani MA Music 1969

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