1970s – Graduate Alumni

A lost alumnus or alumna is one for whom we have no valid mailing address. Alumni are listed with their class year, full name and degree. They are sorted first by class year, then by last name.

As of January 17, 2017

Name Degree Major Class Year
Phyllis C. Bleck DMA Performance – Trumpet 1970
Susan Gail Burns MA Music 1970
Constance E. Carlson MA Music 1970
James A. Ebbets DMA Music Education 1970
Pat D. Harvey MA Music 1970
Thomas Hudson Mc Cage Jr. MM Music Education 1970
Emily Ellen Mc Knight MM Performance – Vocal Arts 1970
Alice Bates Merrill MM Performance – Violin 1970
William R. Paschong MA Music 1970
Priscilla Ann Phillips MA Music 1970
Mary Mastrovich Ranney MA Music 1970
Ava Fisher Schuster MM Performance – Piano 1970
Daniel B. Baumgartner MA Music 1971
Marian Frances Demand DMA Music Education 1971
Marie King Djang MA Music 1971
Thomas Ross Ervin MM Performance – Trombone 1971
Michael Foxman MM Performance – Violin 1971
Rhoda T. Harrison MA Music 1971
Robert A. Hauck DMA Performance – Vocal Arts 1971
Karen Fay Mc Kinney MA Music 1971
Judith Imperial Palanca MM Performance – Accompanying 1971
Joann Ruth Robbins DMA Performance – Vocal Arts 1971
Michael Alan Sanders MM Performance – Accompanying 1971
Carol Trimble Smith MA Music 1971
Edson Burns Taft DMA Performance – Piano 1971
Jane C. Westbrook MA Music 1971
Robert Lee Adcock MM Performance – Violincello 1972
Melvin Ray Batten MA Music 1972
Christine F. Burkholder DMA Performance – Trumpet 1972
John Peter Daley MM Performance – Trombone 1972
Cynthia Cole Daley MM Performance – Violin 1972
Koong-Ja Kim Lauridsen MM Performance – Piano 1972
Carol Deane Stewart DMA Performance – Piano 1972
Roger D. Greenberg MA Music 1973
Pierre Jasmin MM Performance – Piano 1973
Rose Marie Johnson DMA Performance – Violin 1973
Gregory Dickson Moore MM Performance – Piano 1973
David Dean Norman DMA Choral Music 1973
Won Joung Paik MA Music 1973
Cheryl Jeanne Reth MM Performance – Violin 1973
Thomas Lee Russell MA Music 1973
Wha-Ja Whang MA Music 1973
Shirley Close MM Performance – Vocal Arts 1974
Patricia Lee Feher MA Music 1974
Carol Louise Kutsch MA Music 1974
Inoak Park Lee MA Music 1974
Robert R. Plowman MA Music 1974
Brenda Gail Quilling MM Performance – Vocal Arts 1974
Donald James Simpson DMA Music Education 1974
Lily Tandias MA Music 1974
David Bruce Turner MA Music 1974
Florence Julie Bevan MA Music 1975
Merry L Justman Corbett MM Performance – Accompanying 1975
Angela Kathryn Daly MA Music 1975
Eugene William Daughs DMA Music Education 1975
Rhonda Jeanne Fleming MA Music 1975
James Randolph Hawley MA Music 1975
John Frank Lasser MA Music 1975
Denise Rebecca Lew MA Music 1975
Don Carlo Mc Pherson MA Music 1975
Theresa Christin Risch MA Music 1975
Joyce A. Wheeler MA Music 1975
Stanley Wold MA Music 1975
John Dorch MA Music 1976
Rene Alfred Marceau MA Music 1976
Anne Louise Crose MA Music 1977
Thomas Anthony Gaab MA Music 1977
Sara Jane Ganz MM Performance – Vocal Arts 1977
Heewon Kwon Jeon MA Music 1977
Robert J. La Fontaine MA Music 1977
Kathleen Mary Maltbey MA Music 1977
Daniel Mason MM Performance – Violin 1977
Harold Samuel Micay MM Performance – Classical Guitar 1977
Debby S. Norden MA Music 1977
Mario Joseph Pelusi MA Music 1977
Fred Joseph Rees DMA Music Education 1977
Douglas Cooper Robertson MM Performance – Vocal Arts 1977
Marijiam S. Thoene MA Music 1977
Wendy V. Zaro Fisher MM Performance – Vocal Arts 1977
Pamela D. Kuhn MA Music 1978
Teresa A. Pontious MA Music 1978
Susan Garner Segall MA Music 1978
Erica Louise Whipple MA Music 1978
Laurel E. Anderson MA Music 1979
Peter L. Atherton MA Music 1979
Christine A. Callan MM Performance – Vocal Arts 1979
Carey J. Coker-Robertson MM Performance – Organ 1979
Sylvia Mann Dilley MA Music 1979
Marc Donatelle MM Performance – Trombone 1979
Donald E. Douglas-Torry MA Music 1979
Mary Ying Ying Peng Fan MA Music 1979
Kathlyn Grabenstein MM Performance – Piano 1979
Lynn Claire Jemison DMA Performance – Accompanying 1979
Rebecca J. Jones MA Music 1979
Holly Shaw-Price Ketchum MA Music 1979
Virginia Carson Kron MA Music 1979
Gary Shozo Kudo MA Music 1979
David H. Levine MA Music 1979
Jane Juelson Limbo MA Music 1979
Scott Petersen MA Music 1979
Michael Staehle MA Music 1979
Rosalyn Patricia Trotter MA Music 1979
Steven J. Vosatka MM Performance – Piano 1979
Melody Wirch MM Performance – Accompanying 1979

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