1960s – Undergraduate Alumni

A lost alumnus or alumna is one for whom we have no valid mailing address. Alumni are listed with their class year, full name and degree. They are sorted first by class year, then by last name.

As of September 1, 2020

Name Degree Major Class Year
Thomasine D. Fitzgerald BM Performance – Piano 1963
Joanna Dekeyser Randall BM Performance – Violoncello 1963
James Carson Pressler BM Music – Theory 1965
Martin Carl Berinbaum BM Performance – Trumpet 1966
William Gwinn Payne BM Music Education 1966
Janet Lynn Waterman BM Music Education 1967
Douglas C. Bixby BM Performance – Tuba 1968
James Franklin Farber BM Performance – Piano 1968
Allyson C. Cadwell BM Performance – Oboe 1969

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