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1970s – Undergraduate Alumni

A lost alumnus or alumna is one for whom we have no valid mailing address. Alumni are listed with their class year, full name and degree. They are sorted first by class year, then by last name.

As of October 16, 2019

Name Degree Major Class Year
Molly Ann Judson BM Performance – Oboe 1970
Sandra Jean Lake BM Performance – Double Bass 1970
Gail Louise Anderson BM Performance – Accompanying 1971
H. Edwin Stanley BM Performance – Trumpet 1971
Maxine Davetta Bold BA Music 1972
Eileen Yvonne Campbell BM Music Education 1972
Gale Steven Schaub BM Composition 1972
Steven Jeffrey Sherman BM Performance – Trumpet 1972
Christopher Amelotte BM Performance – Classical Guitar 1973
Marvin W. Branson BM Performance – Saxophone 1973
Janet Louise Rarick BM Performance – Clarinet 1973
Kathleen Jane Jones BM Performance – Clarinet 1974
Robert Jack Elias BA Music 1975
Julian Wayne Giouard BA Music 1975
Sheri Ann Norris BA Music 1975
Holly Anne Stoll BA Music 1975
Anisa Angarola Beltran BM Performance – Classical Guitar 1976
Roberta Wayman Shroyer BM Performance – Vocal Arts 1976
Ronald Steven Acklin BM Performance – Bassoon 1977
Eloisa Leticia Dingcong BA Music 1977
Richard Alan Stout BM Music Education 1977
Brent Hadley Akins BM Performance – Violin 1978
Fumiko Ishikawa BA Music 1978
Maureen Arline Moore BM Performance – Vocal Arts 1978
Shauna Newbold BM Performance – Violin 1978
Margaret Jane Tyler BM Music Education 1978
Sharon Rae Brandolino BM Performance – Bassoon 1979
C. J. Helbling BA Music 1979
John Michael Mathews BM Performance – Violincello 1979

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