Choral & Sacred Music

Bachelor of Arts – Choral Music

  • The program details described below are subject to change. Actual degree requirements for a given academic year may differ from what is listed here.
  • Refer to the 2017-2018 USC Catalogue for complete course descriptions and degree requirements.
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  • Current students should refer to the specific requirements list for their major, which is available through the Thornton Student Affairs office.


The BA in choral music is a four-year, 128-unit program that combines the flexibility of a Bachelor of Arts program, including 32 units of general education and 20 elective credits, with an in-depth education in choral music that includes an introduction to choral music and course work in choral conducting, choral development, choral arranging, diction, and choral ensemble.

Sample Summary of Program of Study

Lessons (6 units)

MPVA 301 Individual Instruction in choral voice (lessons) (three 2-unit courses)

Music Ensembles (8 units)

MUEN 3__ 300-level choral ensemble electives (eight 1-unit courses)

Program Intensive Courses (12 units)

MPVA 442 Introduction to the International Phonetic Alphabet (2 units)
MUCO 441 Choral Arranging (2 units)
MUCD 340 Choral Conducting I (2 units)
MUCD 441 Choral Conducting II (2 units)
MUCM 320 Introduction to Choral Music (2 units)
MUCM 440 Choral Development (2 units)

Core Thornton Academic Courses (38 units)

MUHL Music History and Literature (three 4-unit courses)
MUCO 132ab-232ab Aural Skills I and II (four 2-unit courses)
MUCO 133ab-233ab Music Theory I and II (four 3-unit courses)
MUCO 338 Elementary Orchestration (2 units)
MPKS 250ab Keyboard Instruction I (two 2-unit courses)

General Education (32 units)

GE Six 4-unit courses in various fields of study
(see for detailed requirements)
WRIT 150/340 Two 4-unit courses in Writing

Foreign Language (12 units)

Three courses in the same language (three 4-unit courses)

Electives (20 units)

Music or non-music courses (20 units)

All curricular requirements are evaluated on an annual basis and are subject to change. Students follow the curricular requirements as published in the USC Catalogue for their year of matriculation. A typical undergraduate credit load is 16-18 units per semester.