Music Industry

Bachelor of Science – Music Industry

  • The program details described below are subject to change. Actual degree requirements for a given academic year may differ from what is listed here.
  • Refer to the 2017-2018 USC Catalogue for complete course descriptions and degree requirements.
  • See the Thornton Admission page for specific application information.
  • Current students should refer to the specific requirements list for their major, which is available through the Thornton Student Affairs office.


The BS in music industry is a four-year, 128-unit program, consisting of general education, writing, music industry courses, musicianship courses, and foundational business courses. An internship and capstone project is required for the BS.

Sample Summary of Program of Study

Business Related Courses (12 units)

Any 4-unit ECON course numbered 100-499
BAEP 450 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship or
BAEP 451 The Management of New Enterprises (4 units)
ACCT 410 Foundations of Accounting (4 units)

Program Intensive Courses (52 units)

MPPM 100 Popular Music Forum (two 1-unit courses)
MTEC 175 Fundamentals of Audio Recording (2 units)
MTEC 176 Critical Listening (2 units)
MUIN 270 Introduction to the Music Industry (4 units)
MUIN 360 Introduction to Music Law (4 units)
MUIN 370 Music Publishing and Licensing (2 units)
MUIN 425 Live Music Production and Promotion (4 units)
MUIN 450 Practicum in Music Industry Issues (Internship) (4 units)
MUIN 497 Current Topics, Case Studies, and Analysis (two 2-unit courses)
Select 12-units from the following:
MUIN 280 Communications in the Music Industry (4 units)
MUIN 340 Introduction to Sound Reinforcement (4 units)
MUIN 430 Artist Management and Development (4 units)
MUIN 435 Manufacture and Distribution of Musical Products (4 units)
MUIN 443 The Business of Music for Visual Media (4 units)
MUIN 445 International Music Industry (4 units)
MUIN 450 Practicum in Music Industry Issues (Internship) (2-4 units)
MUIN 475 Advanced Concert Management (4 units)
MUIN 476ab Advanced Sound Reinforcement (two 2-unit courses)
MUIN 490 Directed Research (1-8 units)
MUIN 495 Web Design for the Music Industry (4 units)
MUIN 496 Music Media Solutions (4 units)
Select 8-units from the following:
MUIN 305 MIDI and Computer Music Production (4 units)
MUIN 340 Introduction to Sound Reinforcement (4 units)
MUIN 476ab Advanced Sound Reinforcement (two 2-unit courses)
MTEC 245 Introduction to MIDI Sequencing (1 unit)
MTEC 246 Introduction to Audio Recording and Editing (1 unit)
MTEC 248 Introduction to Music Notation (1 unit)
MTEC 275b Recording Arts Workshop (4 units)
MTEC 389 Digital Equipment and Recording (2 units)
MTEC 392a Acoustics and Speaker Design (2 units)
MTEC 442 Operation of the Radio Studio (2 units)
MTEC 444 Non-linear MIDI Sequencing (2 units)
MTEC 446ab Computer Assisted Recording and Editing (two 2-unit courses)
MTEC 474ab Electronic Synthesizer Techniques (2-4 units)
MTEC 477 Remote Recording Techniques (2 units)
MTEC 478 Advanced Multichannel Remix (2 units)
MTEC 479 Audio Mastering (2 units)
MTEC 486 Computer-Assisted Music Editing for Picture (2 units)
MTEC 493 Audio Signal Processing Equipment (2 units)
Select 4-units from the following:
BUAD 307 Marketing Fundamentals (4 units)
MKT 385x Marketing of Creative Disruption and Innovation (4 units)
MUIN 410 Marketing, Branding and Strategic Alliances in Music (2 units)
MUIN 420 DIY Music Marketing (2 units)

Core Thornton Academic Courses (10 units)

Select 4-units from the following:
MUHL 315 Music and Culture (4 units)
MUSC 400 The Broadway Musical: Reflection of American Diversity, Issues, and Experiences (4 units)
MUSC 410 Electronic Dance Music (4 units)
MUSC 420 Hip-Hop Music and Culture (4 units)
MUSC 423 Classic Rock: Popular Music of the Sixties and Seventies (2 units)
MUSC 424 Iconic Figures of Popular Music (2 units)
MUSC 444 American Roots Music: History and Culture (4 units)
MUSC 450 The Music of Black Americans (4 units)
MUSC 460 Film Music: History and Function from 1930 to the Present (4 units)
MUSC 465 Music, Television and American Culture (4 units)
Select 6-units from the following:
MUCO 101 Fundamentals of Music Theory (2 units)
MUCO 130ab Basics of Music Theory (two 3-unit courses)
MPKS 150ab Beginning Piano (two 2-unit courses)
MPGU 120abc Beginning Pop/Rock Guitar (three 2-unit courses)
MPGU 121 Intensive Beginning Pop/Rock Guitar (4 units)
MPPM 240 Drumming Proficiency for the Popular Musician (2 units)
MPPM 340 Intermediate Drum Set Proficiency (2 units)
MPVA 141 Class Voice (2 units)
MPVA 241 Intermediate Class Voice (2 units)
MUSC 255 Songwriting I (2 units)
MUSC 355 Songwriting II (2 units)
MUSC 455 Songwriting III: The Performing Songwriter (2 units)

General Education (32 units)

GE Six 4-unit courses in various fields of study
(see for detailed requirements)
WRIT 150/340 Two 4-unit courses in Writing

Electives (20 units)

Music or non-music courses (20 units)

Capstone Projects (2 units)

MUIN 498ab Final Capstone Project (two 1-unit courses)

All curricular requirements are evaluated on an annual basis and are subject to change. Students follow the curricular requirements as published in the USC Catalogue for their year of matriculation. A typical undergraduate credit load is 16-18 units per semester.