K-12 Contemporary Teaching Practice


The Master of Music in Contemporary Teaching Practice is designed as an intensive program and places special emphasis on urban settings. The overall goal of this degree is to provide a credential path for graduate music students who wish to teach in public and private schools in California and other states. The program will build on the students’ undergraduate preparation in music (including music theory, aural skills, keyboard skills, music history and performance education including playing, singing, conducting and ensemble work) by adding courses in music teaching and learning and general education. Special course work in music in the lives of children and youth, contemporary teaching methods, music composition/improvisation, research and assessment, and community and entrepreneurial engagement will highlight the degree. Certain courses will include extensive field experiences in the schools. Attention will be paid to children with special needs and English Language Learners (ELL), as mandated by the state of California. Finally, as a special opportunity, newly conferred students in this degree will have the ability to access monthly online mentoring sessions with USC faculty. This opportunity will be available in the first year of teaching, after the degree has been conferred.

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