Maymester courses will be officially part of a spring semester load – when students register for their spring courses, they have the opportunity to register for three courses for the traditional spring semester and one course in the Maymester.

During Maymesters, USC Thornton students travel abroad at the end of their spring semester. These 3-4 week courses allow students to explore and immerse themselves in the world around them.

London Maymester 2022

MUSC 470 Contemporary Popular Music: A Global Perspective

UNITS: 2.0

DATES: May 18th to June 6th, 2022

INSTRUCTOR: Richard Smith,

Experience the world of song-writing, performance and production, event and stage management, collaboration, team-building, music direction, event promotion, leadership and problem solving all on the road, in one of the world’s leading arts, fashion and entertainment centers, London, England. In association with the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, London.

How to Apply

This program is only open to Thornton majors. Selection will be competitive with a final group of 12-20 students selected to participate.

ELIGIBILITY: The program is open to sophomores, juniors or seniors. A minimum 3.0 cumulative USC GPA is required. This program is exclusively offered to Thornton majors. *Graduate level students are encouraged to attend information sessions and meet with their academic advisor.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Applications and deadline to submit your application be announced at the Thornton Maymester Information Session.

PLEASE NOTE: A non-refundable deposit is due upon student acceptance of a Maymester course.

QUESTIONS: Please contact the Thornton International & Career Programs Coordinator, at