J.E.D.I. Action Plan

Our Action Plan

In spring 2017, USC Thornton developed a five-year diversity, equity and inclusion plan and continued to mark progress in established priority areas. In a series of town halls and listening sessions across the school, our faculty and students expressed bold, new visions for how we can better embody these principles. With the collective visions of our faculty, students and school leadership, USC Thornton continues to develop new strategies and measure progress in key change areas such as curriculum, faculty recruitment and retention, student recruitment and retention, and the climate for BIPOC students at Thornton. Before stepping down from his position in spring 2022, former USC Thornton School of Music Dean Robert Cutietta tasked each division, department and program within the school to commit to serious investigation of their own culture, curriculum and programs and establish individualized action plans. That work is ongoing.

J.E.D.I. Committee Members

Ron McCurdy – Professor of jazz studies and assistant dean of the Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Andy Abad – Adjunct instructor, popular music program

Jeffrey Allen – Associate professor of practice, popular music program and musical theatre program

Lina Bahn – Associate professor of practice and chair, Strings Department

Nicolas Lell Benavides – Lecturer/DMA candidate, Composition program

Angelica Brooks – DMA candidate in Music Teaching & Learning program

Viet Bui – Associate director of student affairs

Christian Chico – Departmental coordinator, Arts Leadership program, Music Teaching & Learning Program and J.E.D.I. Committee

William Coppola – Assistant Professor, Music Teaching & Learning program

Jeanine Cowen – Professor and screen scoring chair

Justin Gilmore-Gresham – Student working toward a bachelor’s degree in jazz trumpet performance

Susan Helfter – Associate professor of practice, Music Teaching & Learning program and director of Thornton Community Engagement Programs

Sean Holt – Associate professor of practice, Popular Music program and vice dean of the division of contemporary music​​​​​​​

Lyndia Johnson – Associate professor of practice, Popular Music and Musical Theatre programs

Will Kennedy – Assistant professor of practice, Popular Music program

Larry J. Livingston – Professor of conducting studies

Kevin Lyman – Associate professor of practice, Music Industry program

Cindy Montes – Human resources manager (ex officio)

Yesenia Nava – Student services assistant

Koji Sakano – Student working toward a bachelor’s degree in choral music

Aarón Serfaty – Senior lecturer, Jazz Studies Department

Tram Sparks – Associate professor of practice, Department of Choral & Sacred Music, Conducting program

Scott Spencer – Assistant professor, Musicology program

Rachel Tan – Student working toward a bachelor’s degree in choral music

Matthew Weaver – Student working toward a master’s degree in arts leadership

Mark Weiser – Assistant professor of practice, Composition program and director, Undergraduate Music Theory Program

Seth Parker Woods – Assistant professor of practice, string chamber music and cello

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