Headshot of Kevin Lyman

Kevin Lyman featured on KCRW

USC Thornton Music Industry faculty member Kevin Lyman was featured on KCRW’s program “Press Play with Madeleine Brand,” where he offered insight into the costs of touring. He explained that touring expenses increased over 40% following the COVID-19 pandemic, making it nearly impossible for most artists to afford. Given this high cost, coupled with a decreasing demand from consumers to see live music, the touring model is being rebuilt.

“It’s going to push a lot of people off the road, unfortunately,” Lyman said. “There already have been casualties to this new model. But I think it’s slowly coming back in some ways. EDM is very, very popular right now. There’s certain genres of music that are doing very well. But that tends to be someone that can deliver a good package at the best price possible.”


Photo courtesy of USC Thornton School of Music

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