Teaching Room Request

Use this form to request studio time for private lessons. Rooms may be reserved for Thornton School of Music lessons only. Use of studios for non-Thornton School of Music teaching is not permitted.

You may reserve one hour of teaching time per student assigned.

Please submit requests at least one week prior to your lessons. You will receive a reply via e-mail or phone within two business days.

Instructions for filling out the E-form: Supply the requested information below. When you are finished, press the “Submit Form” button.

Teaching Instrument
Do you require a grand piano? yes
Do you require two pianos? yes
List your requested teaching times below:
Click on “Add Date” Button below to supply the date(s) you want the reservation for.

(Note: This will open a pop-up window, blocking software might prevent it from working properly. If this is the case just type in the dates and times and specify if this is a one-time or a semester-long reservation into the text box below.)
If you have any special requirements, such as two pianos or a particular room, please describe below:
Press the “Submit Form” button to send your request. You will receive a confirmation screen after pressing the button. BE SURE YOU SEE THIS SCREEN; if it does not appear your request has not gone through.