Jennifer Barczykowski, Assistant Director, Operations

Practicing Options

  • University Gateway Practice Rooms (UGW)
  • Access-Listed Studios and Labs
  • Thornton Room Reservations

Access To UGW
UGW is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via card reader only. You will need a valid 2018-2019 Music Operations Registration sticker (red for Music Majors and Minors; which or black for non-majors) on your ID card to enter the facility. Practice rooms within UGW are  first-come, first-served. Please observe existing reservations posted on some practice rooms (such as those used by faculty for individual instruction). Non-majors are granted practice room access for the current semester only.

Access Listed Studios and Labs
Certain faculty studios and labs may be accessible to students by way of an Access List that is provided by the appropriate faculty or staff member to the Operations Office. Access List-controlled spaces are accessible only to students included on the list for each room. Keys to these rooms can be checked out on a temporary basis from Music Operations in exchange for a valid USC ID with Music Operations registration sticker. All keys checked out for Access List-controlled spaces must be returned to Music Operations in BMH 101 before closing time on the same day.

Thornton Room Reservations
Students can reserve classrooms and rehearsal spaces in Thornton facilities via the VEMS Online Scheduling System. Students providing a USC email address at the time of Music Operations Registration will automatically receive a login name and password to VEMS Online Scheduling System. Students can reserve rooms up to seven (7) days in advance but no later than 24 hours in advance.

Please see the Scheduling Services page for more information on reserving other (non-practice room) spaces in Thornton facilities.