Scheduling Services

Thornton Online Scheduling

EMS Web App: Online Scheduling System 

  • Thornton music majors and minors may use the EMS Web App to reserve Thornton spaces. In order to view the scheduling grid and request space for any purpose (such as rehearsals, lessons, review sessions, practice, and meetings), the requestor must be properly registered with Music Operations. Newman Recital Hall and private faculty studios are unavailable for students to reserve.
  • Please understand by reserving a room, you are taking full responsibility for you and your guests and the condition of the space during your reservation. Please contact with EMS Web App login/password questions.

Scheduling Requests for Filming & Festival Auditions


  • Thornton facilities may be requested for rental as audition spaces; please contact Auditions may only be scheduled on weekends between the hours of 10:00 am and 6:00 pm.
  • The audition rate is $25 per hour, with a four-hour minimum. This fee includes use of an audition room and up to two (2) warm-up spaces, availability permitting (please note that warm-up spaces are not always available in the same building as the audition room). Visiting groups are required to run all aspects of their auditions.

 Student Film Shoots

  • Thornton facilities, including performance venues, classrooms, and practice studios are owned and managed by the Thornton School of Music for use by Thornton faculty, staff and students. The use of Thornton facilities by non-Thornton constituencies may never infringe upon access or availability to Thornton personnel.
  • Only requests from currently enrolled USC School of Cinematic Arts students will be considered. If your request is approved, you will be required to complete a USC School of Cinema on-campus location release form. Please send all student filming requests to
  • The Thornton School of Music reserves the right to deny, without explanation, any film shoot request deemed inappropriate or hazardous to its facilities or personnel.

Availability of Facilities:

    • Due to high demand and safety / security concerns, all Thornton performance venues, studios, and classrooms are not available as film shoot locations.
    • Outdoor locations such as pathways and lawn areas may be requested during off-peak or closed hours. Permission to shoot outdoor locations is at the discretion of the Thornton Scheduling Coordinator and the Assistant Director of Operations.
    • Building entrances/exits may not be used as film shoot locations. Thornton facilities are not available for after-hours use. Overnight storage of equipment and/or “pre-set-up” is not permitted.


Classical Student Recitals + Production Support:

Students pursuing a classical performance or composition degree are expected to present one or more public recitals. Here you will find a collection of resources to plan and promote your recital.

Planning your classical recital:


Scheduling Forms:

Complete and submit any recital related paperwork at least two (2) weeks in advance. Please contact for any questions or assistance.

Production Forms

Complete and submit your venue-specific production form at least two (2) weeks before your recital date. Please email for any questions or assistance. 


    • Information on Performance Spaces
      • Venue Menu
        • A list of potential performance spaces in Los Angeles. Please complete an off-campus recital request form at the Thornton Students Affairs office (TMC 200) if you wish to perform your recital off-campus.