Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Music Sticker?

It’s a form of registration with Music Operations that allows you to check out rooms, receive a locker, schedule recitals, and many other services. 

Where can I practice?

Depending on your program, there are different spaces on campus you can practice please contact to see what spaces are available to you.

I’m not a Thornton student, but can I still use the practice rooms and pianos?

No, practice rooms and pianos are only available to current Thornton students registered with Music Operations. The following dorms have practice rooms with pianos that are available to all USC students: Parkside IRC, Parkside PBR, Birnkrant, Fluor, and Pardee. Ask the front desk at each of these dorms for more information.

Can I reserve a room for a rehearsal or personal practice?

Yes, Thornton music majors and minors may use the EMS Web App to reserve Thornton spaces online in advance. Open rooms may also be used on a first-come-first-serve basis by checking out the key from the Music Operations Office (BMH 101) using your USC ID.  For any questions regarding scheduling and reservations please email

When can I get a locker?

Locker registration starts on the first day of class at the  Music Operations Office (BMH 101) starting at 7AM. The first week of classes students may only receive a locker for their major instrument. Starting the second week, minors may apply to receive a locker also.

Are there other items or equipment I can check out from Music Operations?

Yes, Music Operations has a variety of equipment that may be checked out for personal use, including carts, dollies, tables, and extension cords. An up-to-date music sticker is required to check out items. Items may also be reserved in advance by emailing For any technology check-out please contact

How do I get an instrument loaned to me?

If you are registered with Music Operations, you may ask your Thornton private lesson instructor to email to request an instrument loan for you. If you are assigned to an ensemble rotation and need an instrument email as soon as possible. Loaned instruments can be picked up from and returned to the Music Operations Office (BMH 101).

How do I report a broken string on a piano/harpsichord?

Piano and harpsichord maintenance may be requested by completing our Service Request Form.

Where do I find policies about piano and harpsichord use?

How do I schedule a recital?

Scheduling a classical student recital is a multi-step process that requires the involvement of Music Operations, Student Affairs, and your private instructor. Please visit our recital page for more information. For recitals in the Division of Contemporary Music please contact your department coordinator for instructions on how to apply for senior projects, jazz recitals, and studio guitar recitals.

Can I work for Music Operations?

Music Operations employs a number of students as Front Desk, Scheduling, and Production Assistants, as well as Mail, Lock/Unlock, and Setup Crews. A work-study award and valid driver’s license is required; interested students may email to request more information.