• Josh Kun named interim dean of the USC Thornton School of Music

  • Photograph of college-aged choral singers in black concert attire smiling together inside a cathedral.

    Creating Memories, Music and Friendships

  • Photo of Peter Webster and Tina Huynh smiling outside

    IN CONVERSATION WITH | Peter Webster & Tina Huynh

  • Photo illustration of two strings musicians.

    2022 Outstanding Graduates

  • A Joyous Finale

  • Photo of León F. García Corona

    Meet The New Faculty: León F. García Corona

  • Photo of Richard McIlvery

    In Conversation with | Dick McIlvery and Fred Vogler

  • Photo of Jeanine Cowen

    Meet The New Faculty: Jeanine Cowen

  • Photo of a smiling classical guitar student outside a shopping center in downtown Los Angeles.

    Opportunities, support and community

  • Photo of Candice D. Mattio wearing a white outfit

    Meet The New Faculty: Candice D. Mattio & Jonathan A. Gómez

  • Photo of Linda Insook Diaz smiling outside.

    Adventures in Amsterdam

  • 17th century sheet music with speech bubble illustrations

    IN CONVERSATION WITH | Bruce Alan Brown and Lisa de Alwis

  • Opera singers in animal costumes perform on stage.

    “All The Truths We Cannot See: A Chernobyl Story” premieres in the U.S. on April 21

  • Photo of USC Thornton Choral & Sacred Music students gathered at a conference.

    Making Music and Reconnecting