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Curiosity Driven: Caleb Finch's Life-long Impact on the Field of Gerontology

This exhibition highlights selections from the Finch Science Archive, donated to the USC Libraries by Dr. Caleb Finch, the William F. Kieschnick Professor of the Neurobiology of Aging. Some of the archival materials on display include his books and publications dedicated to the study of human aging. In his work, Finch explores the relationship between the natural sciences and aging but brings a polymathic perspective to his work by incorporating research in such diverse fields as ancient medicine, anthropology, archeology, biochemistry, evolution, history, geography, literature, neuroscience, obesity and famine, osteoarchaeology, urban poverty, and zoology. The exhibit showcases Finch's academic and musical career with digital displays, published editions, and rare materials.

We are indeed grateful to Dr. Finch for his generous gift of the books in the Finch Science Archive, a collection (located in the Science and Engineering Library, 2nd Floor) which continues to embody and illustrate his ongoing contribution to the advancement of knowledge.

Location: Science & Engineering Library


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Wonderland Award Contest: Call for Submissions

The 2019 Wonderland Awards are an annual multidisciplinary competition, open to students from all California universities, which encourages new scholarship and creative work related to Lewis Carroll (1832–1898).

First Prize is $3,000!

The inaugural awards were hosted in 2005 and there are now more than 400 student submissions in the Wonderland Awards Archive.

The 2019 deadline to submit is April 1st!

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USC School of Architecture Career Week: Mock Interview Appointments

Organized and sponsored by the Guild, Career Week provides a host of opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to network with alumni, working professionals and the best local and national firms in the design-build industry.

An opportunity to obtain one on one feedback on your portfolio and interview skills to ensure you’re effectively marketing yourself and your work. *Interviews by appointment only. Click here to register.

More information at  https://arch.usc.edu/career-week


Cyber Security for Aerospace & Defense Companies

The aerospace and defense (A&D) industry is frequently targeted by threat actors hoping to steal sensitive technology. Today's threat actors are advanced and persistent (APT) and pose a formidable challenge to A&D companies tasked with keeping sensitive data secure.

Fortunately, the US government and Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) provide guidelines to help companies strengthen their cybersecurity defenses. There are also additional steps your company can take to prevent or lessen the impact of security breaches.

 Moss Adams, LLP is hosting a webcast which will address methods for strengthening your company's cybersecurity defenses. The webcast will discuss US-government and AIA guidelines and key points, including: specific treats to the A&D industry, how A&D companies are being targeted, and how to keep sensitive data secure. In addition, the webcast will cover new and existing security standards including NIST 800-171 and NAS 9933.


Trojan Farmers Market

Every Wednesday morning, as the sun begins to peek between the clouds, local farmers and vendors set up their booths filled with a vibrant array of locally grown produce and carefully crafted, handmade products in USC’s McCarthy Quad. Tasty aromas fill the air as fresh ingredients sizzle on the hot stoves.

The Trojan Farmers Market is an open-air marketplace that brings fresh, locally sourced produce and goods to the USC campus. When you purchase from the market, you incorporate sustainable practices into your daily life here at USC. Everything here is brought from the farm straight to you! The Trojan Farmers Market now accepts EBT. See the Market Manager for more information.

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Department of Middle East Studies Fall 2019 Academic Open House

Join the Department for our biannual academic open house!

Learn about fall 2019 courses, program offerings, our honors program, and study abroad experiences. Students will have a chance to mingle with faculty and staff as well as enjoy lunch catered by California Kabob Kitchen.

The open house will be held Wednesday, March 20th from 12 pm - 2 pm in SOS B40

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Feed Your Mind/Feed Your Body - A talk by Prof. Kelsey Moss

MIddle Passages & Missionary Christianity: Race, Religion & Slavery in Colonial Latin America

Ninety percent of Africans arriving to the Americas as slaves were brought to Catholic Latin America. From the moment they stepped foot in the “New World,” Africans were introduced to the Christian faith by missionaries and their slave masters. What was the relationship between Christianity and African slavery? How did developing racial categories and ideologies emerge from and influence the process of African Christianization? And how did newly arrived Africans make sense of and relate to this new faith and its messengers? Join us for this lunchtime talk that explores the complex relationship between Christian missionaries and enslaved Africans in the port cities of colonial Latin America.

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LeaderShape Information Session

This six-day, all student expenses covered program (May 13-18 in Carlsbad, CA), is hosted by LeaderShape in collaboration with the USC’s Division of Student Affairs. The program includes a Team Challenge Course (a half-day outdoor team-building experience); an evening Guest Leader Forum, where participants are exposed to “real world” role models in business, industry, and various professions; quality facilitators from a variety of backgrounds; and learning and sharing in small groups called “Family Clusters.”

Attend this information session t learn more about the program and application process!

Apply by April 1.


Price Governance Salon: Exploring Issues Relating to Effective Governance & Public Management

Price Governance Salons host faculty to explore issues relating to effective governance and public management. It is a unique opportunity for our students and faculty to meet and engage with top researchers in the field and encourage participation between speakers and audience in order to foster discussion and collaboration. Harkening back to the origins of the “salon,” the goal of these talks is to create a space for our students and faculty to exchange ideas.

Dr. Paul C. Light, NYU Wagner's Paulette Goddard Professor of Public Service is also the founding director of the Brookings Institution’s Center for Public Service. He has also served as director of the Public Policy Program at the Pew Charitable Trusts among other roles.  Light’s research interests include bureaucracy, civil service, Congress, entitlement programs, executive branch, government reform, nonprofit effectiveness, organizational change, and the political appointment process

Dr. Light is the author of 25 award-winning books, including works on social entrepreneurship, the nonprofit sector, federal government reform, public service, and the baby boom. His most recent book is The Government-Industrial Complex: Tracking the True Size of Government, 1984-2018.

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Zilkha Seminar Series: Priyanka Narayan, PhD - Deciphering Mechanisms of Alzheimer’s Disease Risk

With a growing patient population and disappointing results from clinical trials, neurodegenerative diseases present a pressing public health crisis. We need new approaches to understand the fundamental biology of these diseases to develop therapeutic and preventative strategies. Population studies have identified genetic risk factors for late-onset forms of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

My research has focused on (1) understanding the molecular mechanisms by which neurodegenerative disease risk factors impact cellular physiology and (2) modulating these pathways as potential therapeutic strategies. To do this, I have used a suite of tools from single-molecule fluorescence to induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived brain tissue. 

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