About Thornton

Led by Dean Dr. Robert A. Cutietta, the USC Thornton School of Music brings together a stellar faculty chosen from a broad spectrum of the music profession and musically gifted students from around the globe.

Founded in 1884, and today the oldest continually operating cultural institution in Los Angeles, the Thornton School consistently ranks among the top one percent of the nation’s music schools and conservatories. Graduates of the school attain positions with major orchestras, ensembles, recording studios and music industry firms and perform on stages and in studios around the world.

Blending the rigors of a traditional conservatory-style education with the benefits of studying at a leading research university, the Thornton School offers students a thorough music education in a real-world context. Located at the center of Los Angeles, the school is the collegiate partner of choice for the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Los Angeles Opera, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, the GRAMMY Foundation and The Recording Academy, to name a few.

In addition to their work with these ensembles, Thornton students are a constant presence in local classrooms, reaching out to the next generation of musicians through music education and appreciation courses. With its faculty, students, events and work, the Thornton School is one of the most important cultural resources in Los Angeles.

Message from the Dean

“Thank you for your interest in the USC Thornton School of Music. I am glad you have decided to find out more about our outstanding school.

The Thornton School celebrates the art of making and learning about music. We have world class programs in everything from the music of early times to the most cutting edge music of today. Our programs in music industry, jazz, film and television scoring and recording arts reflect the unique artistic landscape of Los Angeles. Our orchestral, wind and vocal programs are considered among the best in the country. At the core of this excellence are the faculty, students and staff of the School.

We look forward to welcoming you into our School as a student, parent, audience member or supporter. Your experience will be one that can change your life.”

Dr. Robert Cutietta
USC Thornton School of Music