Health & Wellness

The physical, mental and emotional health of any music professional is a critical ingredient for a successful and satisfying career. The USC Thornton School of Music is committed to student health and wellness through information and support.

Your Wellness Journey

The USC resources below can help with injury prevention and recovery; ergonomics, exercise and physical therapy; and mental health, including strategies for mindfulness, sleep, nutrition and self-care. The Wellness Wednesdays lecture series in Ramo Hall provides a forum for students and faculty to learn more about these wellness topics.

Primary health care, general wellness resources and referrals to appropriate specialists. Covered by USC student health insurance.

Evaluation and treatment for physical pain and injury. Covered by USC student insurance ( $15 copay) and most private insurance.

Hand therapy and rehabilitation by certified hand therapists; covered by USC student health insurance.

This interdisciplinary team treats issues often experienced by singers, actors, teachers, clergy and others who use their voices professionally.

Confidential emotional health services, covered by USC student health insurance.

Courses in weight training, stress management, yoga and other course options to help develop physical strength, endurance and flexibility. 

USC Musician’s Neurology Clinic specializes in the diagnoses and treatment of neurological disorders that affect professional, student and amateur musicians.

University-wide initiative offering classes and research that promote mindfulness in ways that nurture attentiveness, creativity and innovation.

Innovative programs and services to support a wide range of learning styles and differences including learning technologies, free to USC students.

Wellness Tips

Watch mini wellness tips from the Musicians’ Health & Wellness Committee to get a microdose of best practices and habits, from ergonomics to exercise to earbud usage.

Photo of violist Yura Lee

Yura Lee, Member

Health & Wellness Committee

The Thornton Musicians’ Health and Wellness Committee is comprised of faculty members from varied disciplines including music, medicine and health care.

Current Roster

Bill Kanengiser, Chair

Phillip Placenti, Ex-officio

Charles Gutierrez

Lynn Helding

Yura Lee

Bob Mintzer

Antoinette Perry

Stephen Pierce

Richard Smith

David Arnay

Richard Wolf

Steve Trovato

Aimee Diaz (USC Physical Therapy)

Danielle Gautt (USC Student Counseling & Mental Health)

Karen Johnson (USC Audiology)

Pamela Mikkelsen (USC Physical Therapy)

Recommended Reads

Musicians’ Health & Wellness Committee Chair William Kanengiser’s reading recommendations offers book titles for further exploration.


Understanding Vocal Health

Professor of Practice and Coordinator of Vocology & Voice Pedagogy Lynn Helding Introduces vocal arts students to their instruments through the USC Voice Center.


Music as Medicine

As the city of Los Angeles and the country approach the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic, students of USC Thornton answered the call to comfort medical workers on the frontlines with music.


Sound & Soul

Music industry major Katalina Garber shares a first-hand account of planning and executing a night of networking with USC Thornton alumni that promoted mental health and wellness.

Lobby of USC Engemann Student Health Center

Crisis Resources

If you or someone you know is experiencing a health crisis, USC offers counseling services and crisis intervention. Students are encouraged to walk in for urgent matters at both the Engemann and Eric Cohen Student Health Centers on campus.

To get started with counseling and mental health services, call the 24/7 hotline 213-740-WELL.