International Programs

USC Thornton offers dynamic overseas programs designed to expand upon and enhance your curriculum. Whether you want to study abroad for a few days, a few weeks, or a full semester, USC Thornton has programs to help you achieve your goals.

A World of Opportunities

The USC Thornton School of Music, in cooperation with institutional partners abroad, offers opportunities to study overseas for one semester (fall or spring). In each exchange, a USC Thornton student will study at an overseas school, while a student from the same institution will study at USC Thornton.

Applications are now open. Learn more and apply today.

Luke Scott and Lorenzo Zapata sit for an interview against a snowy backdrop.


“As students and artists, we come from all over the world and different walks of life to these institutions.”

Lorenzo Zapata, Helsinki Exchange Participant

Thornton students travel at the end of spring semester for a 3-4 week course, mid-May to June.


Typically available annually to Thornton students; often related to their major area of study.


Rewards students who enrich their learning by spending at least ten weeks in other countries.


Celebrates a diversity of cultures with a focus on the Pacific Rim, Latin America & Southeast Asia.

Navigate the Journey

In a multifaceted, globalized environment, building international networks is invaluable for a global career. Start your journey with the resources below.


How to Apply

Learn what steps are involved if you are considering studying abroad, from eligibility requirements to application materials.


Funding & Resources

USC Thornton International Programs is available to discuss costs & budgeting, including resources for grants and scholarships. Review the resources below to get started.



Work with Thornton International Programs and the USC Office of Student Accessibility Services (OSAS) to prepare for travel or acclimate to campus life.


Religious Practice

If the opportunity for religious practice is important for you, ask your program for information about local resources. USC’s Office of Religious and Spiritual Life is also available to all students.



Partner with the International Programs office and USC’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion on any concerns you may have for guidance while navigating the university. USC is a member of the Diversity Abroad community for resources while away from home.

Pre-Departure Orientation

Attend one of our Pre-Departure Orientations that covers the information below before departing for your international experience. Upon return, complete the Thornton Overseas Evaluation Form & receive credit for your time studying abroad.

Preparing for Departure

Student Health Insurance Registration

Informed Consent

Travel Release Form

Medical Treatment Authorization Form

Flight Information

Traveling with Music Equipment

Additional Topics

Approved Academic Learning Agreement

Local Academic Expectations

Credit Transfer Information

Expectations, Timelines & Connection

Cultural Insights & Immersion
Tips on Budgeting, Packing, & Technology

International Networks

USC Thornton is a proud member of several international music organizations and partners with leading music schools in the world.

ConNext Network

ConNext is a movement for excellence and relevance in 21st century higher music education, centered upon an embrace of change, open noncompetitive connection, trust and fellowship, and a guerilla spirit.

Pacific Alliance of Schools of Music (PAMS)

The Pacific Alliance of Music Schools (PAMS) is an international network that creates closer ties between institutions in the Pacific Rim and builds the region’s strength as a driving force for music education and culture.

Association of European Conservatories (AEC) 

Established in 1953, AEC sees professionally focused arts education as a quest for excellence in artistic practice; learning and teaching; ­­and research and innovation.

Three students smile for the camera bundled up in snowy Helsinki.

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