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Discover Global Markets: U.S. Manufacturers to Europe & Beyond

Discover Global Markets is the U.S. Department of Commerce’s flagship event series for U.S. exporters in Cleveland, Ohio. In just two and a half days, September 18 -20, attendees at Discover Global Markets will uncover new exporting opportunities, learn from seasoned exporters, and connect with hundreds of networking contacts

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On-Campus Recruiting

Looking for a job or internship? Sign your On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) contract to be eligible for recruiting interviews!

OCR gives current USC students the opportunity to interview with employers who visit the Career Center during the Fall and Spring semesters. Full-time jobs and paid internships are offered
through the program.

Find OCR listings in connectSC under the "Jobs, Internships & OCR Interviews" tab beginning in late August. Interviews occur mid September through mid November for the Fall semester and
mid January through mid April for the Spring semester. Resume submission deadlines vary, so check connectSC often!

For more information & how to get started visit https://careers.usc.edu/students/find-a-job/sign-up-for-on-campus-recruiting/

Writing Center Workshop: Building Strong Paragraphs

Click here to register.

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Trojan Farmers Market

Buy your fresh fruit, veggies and healthy snacks for the week from local farmers at the Trojan Farmers Market!

The market also offers a variety of food vendors with delicious ethnic cuisine. There's always something to see (or taste) in the Hospitality tent, visit our Facebook page each week for a preview. The market is now accepting EBT. Please see the Market Manager for more details.

Want more info? Contact USC Hospitality’s Marketing Department at (213) 821-5707.

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Meet and Greet with Christie Hefner

Join the Center on Communication Leadership & Policy and Annenberg Career Development for a lunch with Christie Hefner. Hefner is the former chairman and chief executive officer of Playboy Enterprises and an affiliate of the Center for American Progress. During the meet and greet, Hefner will touch on important First Amendment rights, women in media, and entrepreneurship. Lunch will be offered. Please make sure to RSVP to commlead@usc.edu for an accurate head count and catering order. 

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METRANS Practitioner Diversity Panel

2017 PSR Fall Practitioner Seminar Series 

Speakers TBD

Please RSVP with name, email, organization/school, student/other identification, to feldmand@price.usc.edu

Lunch will be served.

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Trojan Talk with IBM

Join representatives from IBM to learn about the positions they will be recruiting for on campus. 

Marketing Info Session - Full Time & Summer Internships
On Campus Interviews on 9/28

RSVP via the Events tab in connectSC to attend*. Note: Arrive early as check in is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

* If you do not attend the Trojan Talk, your resume will not be shared with the hosting organization and your absence will be noted by the employer.  

For more information, check the employers interview schedule in the Jobs & Internships tab of connectSC. You must have On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) access in order to apply for positions.



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ZNI Seminar Series: "How Metal Ions in the Brain Tip the Toxic Balance of the Killer Prion Protein"

A prion is a misfolded form of the cellular prion protein, PrPC.  Although the role of PrP in neurodegeneration was established over 30 years ago, there is little understanding of the protein’s normal function, and how misfolding leads to profound disease.  Recent work shows that PrPC coordinates Cu2+ and Zn2+ cofactors, and regulates the distribution of these essential metal ions in the brain.  Moreover, these metals stabilize a previously unseen fold in PrPC, the observation of which provides new insight into the mechanism of prion disease, and perhaps other neurodegenerative diseases.  I will provide a brief background on prion diseases and discuss physiology and magnetic resonance experiments that reveal a new PrPC fold feature promoted by metal ions.

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Graduate Analysis Seminar

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Kundalini Yoga with Susan - Happy Hour with OWHP

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