Access & Diversity

Mobility International USA (MIUSA): a massive resource with over 300 articles about studying abroad. Includes learning disabilities, mental health, chronic illness as well as physical mobility concerns.

State Department Students Abroad: The U.S. State Department has helpful information for all students studying abroad and includes specific information for women, LGBTQ students and students with disabilities.


Issues of Diversity When Studying Abroad

There are many websites that provide in-depth guidance around issues of diversity, while studying abroad, that are useful for all students. Here are a few:

Diversity Abroad: brief articles on many aspects of identity, including race, socioeconomic background, religion, age, and more!

IES Student Diversity and Access Site: although focused on IES programs, there are many items of interest for students pursuing any program

Unpacked: A Study Abroad Guide for Students Like Me: from racial identity to allergy issues, this series of student perspectives covers a lot of territory.


For LGBTQIA* Students

Brandeis University: Transgender & Non-Binary Students Abroad: very specific, current and candid tips, and information

TSA Transgender Passenger Information

UC Davis Interactive Map of 20 Countries’ laws, support organizations, etc.


Finding Places for Worship

If the opportunity for religious practice is important for you, ask your program for information about local resources. You may also find the following resources useful.

Islamic Finder

KAHAL: Jewish Community Abroad

World of Buddhist Directory