Alexa Rumberg

Major: BS Music Industry

Minor: Culture, Media, and Entertainment

Graduation year: 2020

Hometown: Old Bridge, New Jersey

USC Organizations: MIC Music Industry Connection; Thornton Production Crew; Camp Kesem; I Am That Girl; Alpha Delta Pi

Hashtag to describe yourself: #iamgroot

Describe your favorite USC Thornton experience so far.

My favorite USC Thornton experience was when Dan Reynolds (Imagine Dragons) came to speak at Pop Forum my freshman year fall semester (2016). He was so humble and kind and really taught us some genuine life lessons. Not only did he answer questions until the last second he could, he also stayed back to take a group picture with the class. It was unforgettable.

What was your favorite USC GE class?

Introduction to Sociology.

What is your favorite thing about being in Los Angeles?

The culture, the food, the environment, the diverse people who live here who are unapologetically themselves and the opportunities it holds for everyone in it.

What is something you wish you knew when you were applying to college?

I thought I wasn’t going to be homesick, but I actually had a really hard time.

Where is your favorite place on campus?

Mudd Hall or Doheny Library

What is your favorite thing about being a student at the Thornton School?

My favorite thing about being a student at Thornton is the unimaginable opportunities we are presented with. It is such a warm and welcoming environment and everyone is more than willing to help you whether it be with co-writing, production, finding an internship or jam session.

Why did you choose the Thornton School?

I chose the Thornton school because I felt like I could make it my home away from home and that is all I wanted from college.