Adina Korn

Major: Music Industry

Graduation year: 2019

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY and Israel

What was one of your favorite USC Thornton experiences?

This is a hard question because I feel like almost every week is completely life changing for me here at USC. The encouragement that I receive from the faculty members and my fellow USC members is literally what keeps me going even on the cloudiest of days. If I had to pick one moment, it would be last Fall semester when I was in my songwriting class. You see, I never had the mechanical/ technical skills to really ever produce the melodies and songs that were in my head, and so I decided last year to start learning piano. There have been many late nights dedicated to figuring out this beautiful instrument and how to bring my ideas to life. Yes, many tears have fallen from feelings of frustration… Anyways, it was one of the last songs I performed for the class; collectively they told me how far I have come and how they see so much improvement. It was a very emotional experience for me to this receive this acknowledgment of my growth!

What was your favorite USC GE class?

Art History.

What is your favorite thing about Los Angeles?

One of my favorite things about living in LA is how aesthetically pleasing it is to me. Sometimes life can get a bit overwhelming as a young adult trying to understand life, maybe we don’t ever fully understand life, but it’s on those days that I love taking a drive. There is something very calming about seeing mountains in the distance as palm trees decorate the concrete jungle we live in on those drives.

What is something you wish you knew when you were applying to college?

It will all work out the way it supposed to be.

Where is your favorite place on campus?

The Ramo lawn behind the Thornton buildings.

What was your favorite thing about being a student at the Thornton School?

The access to amazing mentors and the 24-hour access to the music rooms.

Why did you choose the Thornton School?

It’s funny, USC was never a part of my plan growing up; I didn’t even know that I was going to go to college. I was 22 when I moved to LA to pursue music and a higher education. I enrolled myself in SMC and day by day started to figure out the direction I needed to go in to make my dreams become reality. I was working for this grassroots campaign, and at that time we were collecting signatures and funding in hopes to help pass equal rights of marriage for all. One of the locations we stopped at happened to be USC. Right away this feeling of belonging overcame me, and I thought to myself “WOW!!! I don’t know where I am and how I will end up here, but I NEED to be here!” From then on I had my mind made up and worked towards transferring into USC-it was the only school I applied to. USC is my home, and I am so happy to be here!