Music Industry

Bachelor of Science (BS)

Application Deadline for Current USC Students

Spring Admission: October 1 | Fall Admission: December 1

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Undergraduate Application Requirements for Current USC Students

This section is for current USC students applying to the Bachelor of Science (BS) Music Industry program, including current Thornton students wishing to add or switch their major. All required materials for spring admission must be submitted by October 1. All required materials for fall admission must be submitted by December 1.

The total application fee is $25 for the Thornton Portfolio in SlideRoom. Recordings/materials must be submitted online through the SlideRoom Portfolio by the appropriate deadline and will not be accepted via mail or email for any program. We cannot guarantee the review of any material received after the deadline. Any application not complete by the appropriate deadline may be removed from consideration.

Applicants experiencing hardship or extenuating circumstances due to natural disaster or public health concerns in their local area that may affect their ability to satisfy application requirements may contact the Thornton Office of Admission at to explore possible accommodations. Though we cannot guarantee that accommodations/exceptions will be possible, applicants are encouraged to contact the Admission Office as soon as possible to allow the maximum amount of time to consider the options.

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Fall and Spring Admission

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Email: | Phone: (213)740-8986

Complete the SlideRoom Portfolio

Applicants must complete the USC Thornton Portfolio for Current USC Students via SlideRoom. Applicants are only permitted to select one program through the SlideRoom application. Applicants who would like to be considered for admission to a second Thornton program must contact Brittany Jimenez at prior to the application deadline to receive instructions on how to submit a second SlideRoom application.

To access the Current USC Student SlideRoom portal to submit your application click here.

Important Note: Once in SlideRoom, make sure to select the form titled “FOR CURRENT USC STUDENTS ONLY” and the appropriate term (spring or fall). All other forms will require you to have a Common Application and current USC students do not need to complete the Common Application.

Applicants will be asked to provide the following materials in the SlideRoom portfolio:

SlideRoom Requirements

Statement of Purpose

You are required to submit a Statement of Purpose (400 – 550 words) that communicates your plans and goals related to the pursuit of this program. Why do you wish to pursue the BS in Music Industry degree at USC Thornton?

Two supplemental short essays

You are required to submit a short essay (100 – 350 words each) on each of the following two (2) topics:

  • Provide at least two (2) examples of positive advances in the music industry that have occurred throughout the last two years that will benefit the artist/songwriter into the future. Do not include TikTok in your discussion.
  • If you were stranded on a desert island with enough battery life in your phone to play only one song—what song would it be and why?
Video/Digital Media Submissions

A video submission consisting of two (2) recordings: You are required to submit a video recording in the SlideRoom media section responding to the following two (2) prompts:

  • A 1 – 2 minute video that addresses the following: An introduction of yourself describing your background and passion for music and the music industry without using the word “passion” in your description.
  • A 1 – 2 minute video answering the following question: What do you think it takes to be successful in the Music Industry Program at USC Thornton?

Optional: Music Industry applicants may submit additional supporting material. Optional supporting material may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Musical and/or musical related work(s): You may submit up to one (1) optional musical and/or musical related work. Examples may include music performances, music productions, compositions or mixes, copies of music work, budgetary outlines, contracts, etc.
Introductory Video for All Undergraduate Applicants

All applicants to undergraduate Thornton programs are required to submit a single-take, unedited, and preferably unrehearsed 1-2 minute video that offers a brief personal introduction and answers the following question: How do you envision using your USC Thornton education to become a force for positive change in the evolution of the music profession and music as an art form?


The résumé is generally 1-2 pages in length and should focus on the following:

  • Education- emphasizing your academic history;
  • Professional endeavors- identifying work, internships, and/or volunteer positions;
  • Extra-curricular activities – identify activities beyond your classes; and
  • Leadership – identifying leadership roles you may have held as part of any of your previous experience(s).
Academic Information

Current USC students are not required to submit transcripts but will be asked to upload a copy of their “Summary of Completed Courses” and “Registered Course List” available through myUSC.

To access your “Summary of Completed Courses”, log into myUSC ( and click “OASIS”. Click “Continue” to access your course information and then select “Summary of Completed Courses”, which is the history of your completed courses including units and grades. Important note: the STARS report will not be accepted in lieu of the “Summary of Completed Courses”.

  • Note: If you are currently enrolled in your first semester at USC and have not yet completed any courses, upload a PDF document with the following statement: “I am currently enrolled in my first semester at USC and have not yet completed any courses at USC.”

To access your “Registered Course List”, log into myUSC ( and click “OASIS”. Click “Continue” to access your course information and then select “Registered Course List”.

  • Note: you only need to upload your registered courses for the current fall semester.
Letters of Recommendation (Optional)

Undergraduate applicants may submit up to two (2) optional letters of recommendation via the SlideRoom Portfolio “References” section. Important notes for optional letters of recommendation:

  • Any optional letters of recommendation you want reviewed by the faculty must be submitted via the Thornton SlideRoom References form by the appropriate deadline (October 1 for spring admission, December 1 for fall admission). We cannot guarantee the review of any material received after the deadline.
  • Any recommendations sent via mail or email will not be reviewed by the faculty.