Music Production

Bachelor of Music (BM)

The Music Production program is open to instrumentalists, vocalists, songwriters, and producers who aspire to compose, arrange and produce music and artists in variety of contemporary popular musical styles (pop/rock, R&B/Urban, hip hop, EDM, etc.). The Music Production program combines a rigorous course of study in music with an emphasis in computer and studio based music production.

Pre-screen recording information

Applicants to Music Production must submit pre-screen audition materials for review by the faculty. The results of this pre-screen will determine whether an applicant will be invited to a live audition and interview on the USC campus in Los Angeles. A live audition is REQUIRED for admission to the program. Prescreen recordings must be received by the December 1st deadline. Any application not completed by December 1st may be removed from consideration.

Note: Prescreen recordings will not be accepted via mail or email. Video Recordings must be submitted online through the “Fall SlideRoom portal” by the December 1st deadline. Any application not complete by December 1 may be removed from consideration.

For instructions on how to access the SlideRoom portal to submit your recording click HERE

The pre-screen video recording should contain:

  • A 1-3 minute video introduction of yourself at your work-station. On this video, please tell us about your prior experience with musical instruments and music technology; provide a description of your private studio work-space; and relate your experience, if any, of producing recordings.
  • A 2-3 minute video of a performance of a song from existing popular music repertoire. The video performance may be self-accompanied, accompanied by other musician(s) or by a band (as long as the applicant is prominently featured). Pre-recorded accompaniment is acceptable. If the applicant does not play a conventional instrument, a performance where the applicant manipulates sound in real time using a controller or other similar device is acceptable.
  • 2-3 audio recordings, of which at least one is an original work, which demonstrate the applicant’s audio recording, MIDI sequencing and production skills. In the “Additional details” section of your Slideroom media upload, please indicate how your work is represented in the production of each audio submission. (for example: songwriter, arranger, singer, instrumentalist, MIDI sequencer, engineer, audio/MIDI editor, or mixer, ect.)

The pre-screen video and audio recordings should best demonstrate the applicant’s performance, artistic and creative abilities. Videos or recordings do not need to be highly produced and should accurately represent the candidate’s abilities – avoid using corrective studio effects such as AutoTune. Applicants should not buy or borrow gear for this prescreen, but rather use the equipment they already have.

Live audition information

Based on the evaluation of the pre-screen materials, the faculty will invite a select group of applicants to the USC campus in Los Angeles for a live audition. If invited, it is REQUIRED that you audition live in person (It is not possible to be admitted to this program solely through video and recording examples).

The live audition will consist of two parts, (1) an interview (approximately 15 minutes long) and (2) a sequencing exercise. For part two, applicants will be given 2 hours to create a MIDI sequence for a provided lead sheet and vocal audio file. Applicants may use their own laptop computers and software or the equipment available in our music technology lab (Pro Tools, Logic Audio, Ableton Live, Native Instruments).