Careers In Music panel discusses artist management teams

On Sept. 26, Careers in Music, a course taught by faculty member Rick Schmunk, was joined by a panel of music industry professionals that included Larry Little (manager), Bryan Christner (music attorney), Dan Petel (A&R representative and manager) and Luis Dubuc (an artist). Little and Christner are a part of Dubuc’s professional team. Petel is an extremely busy, diversified businessman and a USC graduate. All were extremely informative and friendly, to say the least.

The team shared the story of how they all met and eventually began to work together. The students were eager to hear about that process, as many of them are at the beginning stages of their careers as artists and are ready to start developing teams of their own.  The students were comforted to know that many of the relationships formed out of faith in Dubuc’s talent, dating back to his humble beginnings in Dallas and his hype on Tumblr, a popular blog

Like many panels in Thornton’s Division of Contemporary Music, the discussion eventually ended, but the meet-and-greet that followed lasted another 20 minutes. That is the nature of this division. After hands were shaken and emails were exchanged, no one, not faculty, student, or guest panelist, would have had it any other way.