Celine Chen (she/her)

Major(s): Piano Performance, Flute Performance, Psychology

Minor(s): Forensics and Criminality

Class of 2026

Hometown: Valencia, CA

USC Organizations: Student Symphony Orchestra, Medicinal Music Makers, USC Dear Asian Youth, USC Brain and Creativity Institute 

What is your favorite place on campus and why?

USC Village – so many good restaurants 🙂

What is your go-to place for a delicious snack/meal on or around campus?


What is your favorite thing about Los Angeles?

The food and the beaches.

What advice would you share with students applying to music schools right now?

When choosing your audition repertoire, make sure to choose pieces you are comfortable playing for a long, long period of time (because you will have to work on your program for several months) and one’s you can play well under pressure. I also recommend taking trial lessons with professors from each music school you apply to – this really helped me prepare my audition repertoire as well as ask questions and get to know my prospective teacher and school.

Why did you choose USC Thornton?

I chose USC Thornton because I knew that I wanted to pursue multiple fields: Piano, psychology, flute, and even a pre-professional track. I felt that USC was the best place for me to pursue all and now that I’m a student here, I’m so glad I chose Thornton. Here, I am able to take private lessons with Professor Blaha on Piano and Professor Karoly on flute. Almost all of the people I’ve met are double major or minor or pursuing a secondary field. It is amazing to be surrounded with like-minded people at a school that supports you as you pursue however many fields you are interested in.