Application Details for Visiting Students

This page contains information for students from overseas who have already been pre-selected by their home institution for possible participation in a Thornton International Exchange Program during the 2023-24 academic year.

Application for Final Selection by USC Thornton

Students who have been pre-selected by their home institution must submit an application for final selection via the prescribed online Slideroom application system. An application fee of $25 (payable by credit card) will be charged at the time of submission. The application cannot be submitted and no part of the application will be reviewed until all required portions are completed, all required media files are uploaded, and the application fee is paid.

The deadline to submit your application to USC Thornton is 1 March 2023.

All of the following must be uploaded to the online application:

For other areas of emphasis, contact the Thornton international exchange advisor at for guidance.

Notification of Final Selection

USC Thornton will notify all applicants in early April regarding final selection. This notification will be issued via email and will indicate whether or not you have been selected by USC Thornton for participation in the exchange program. At the time of notification, students selected for the exchange program will be provided information regarding how to obtain the necessary visa and make other preparations for their time of study at USC Thornton.