Haley Perkins

Major: Popular Music Performance (Singer/Songwriter)

Graduation year: 2020

Hometown: Simi Valley, CA

What was one of your favorite USC Thornton experiences?

My favorite USC Thornton experience so far was the opportunity I had to travel to Oslo, Norway with 5 of my fellow classmates across different majors, most of whom I’d never met. Over the course of 5 days, through a series of folk music classes, snowy night walks, and amazing meals we grew into a tight-knit group and made countless new friends from all over the world.

What was your favorite USC GE class?

WRIT 340 with Ellen Wayland-Smith

What is your favorite thing about Los Angeles?

My favorite thing about being in Los Angeles is the proximity to the heart of culture on the West Coast. In LA, you have access to communities, music, and experiences hailing from all parts of the globe. Also, LA has a really liberal, open-minded population and there are wonderful, weird people everywhere.

What is something you wish you knew when you were applying to college?

I wish I knew that making good friends may take time but it’s worth it. I also wish I knew that there’s nothing wrong with eating alone or spending the night in.

Where is your favorite place on campus?

The TMC Couch & The Little Chapel Of Silence

What was your favorite thing about being a student at USC Thornton?

My favorite thing about being a student in Thornton is the familial energy. In the Contemporary Music Division, especially, we look out for one another, we support each other, and we have mentors who constantly lift us up and push us to aim higher.

Why did you choose USC Thornton?

I chose Thornton because somewhere, deep in my soul, I felt like it was calling me; and I was right. Thornton is where I was meant to be 🙂