Lyndia Johnson

Interim Co-Chair, Popular Music

Associate professor of practice

Lyndia Johnson, known as “MzLyndia” among singers, has been a singing teacher/vocal coach in the music industry and in colleges and universities around the US for 25 years. From touring with artists to collaborating with producers and label executives, MzLyndia’s abilities to identify vocal talent, assist singers recovering from vocal illnesses and develop singers technically is highly respected. She has served on the Board of Governors for the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and has been the direct vocal consultant for the Grammy Awards. Her relationship with the Recording Academy has been a long recognized and well-respected collaboration.

MzLyndia holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in voice and has advanced studies in vocal anatomy and physiology, vocal acoustics and comparative vocal pedagogy. MzLyndia has presented lectures and written research on the voice for the Pacific Voice/Speech Foundation UCLA Voice Conference, University of Illinois Chicago Hospital of Voice/Speech Therapy Conference, National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and the Gospel Music Association of America; and is a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, National Association of Female Executives in Music and Entertainment and the National Association of Negro Musicians.

In 1995, Lyndia Johnson founded Sterling Voice Coaching, a private vocal development studio which focuses on innovative vocal training for all singing styles and genres. Sterling Voice Coaching’s clientele consist of Pop, Rock, R&B, Gospel and Musical Theater artists.

“I believe the singer’s style does not have to be compromised to achieve great singing results,” MzLyndia said. “I founded Sterling Voice Coaching to provide singers with insightful, innovative vocal instruction that enhances singing, prevents vocal loss, promotes longevity and maintains a wonderful healthy instrument for the singer to enjoy for years.”