International Students

Checklist: Office of International Services (OIS)

Review the Office of International Services New Student pre-departure and arrival checklists here.

English (ISE) Examination

If you have been admitted with a condition that reads “Complete the International Student English (ISE) examination at the USC American Language Institute (ALI)…” then you are required to take the ISE exam before the start of the semester in August. Please review the information at the link below for more details and sign up for the exam online. You will not be allowed to register for classes until you have completed the ISE.

Visit the ISE website here.

Verification of Prior International Degrees

If you have been admitted with a condition that reads: “Verification of all your previous post-secondary degree(s) earned outside of the United States is required.” You must satisfy this condition of admission by engaging the International Education Research Foundation to verify your credentials. Details are available on this page under the heading “VERIFICATION OF PRIOR INTERNATIONAL DEGREES.”

Please review the requirements and fees on the special USC IERF web pages ( and follow the instructions to obtain a “Certification of Studies for USC.” The evaluation service will send a verification report directly to USC.