Individual Instruction D-Clearance Request Forms

Important Note for Non-Thornton Major Individual Instruction in Spring 2022

In response to the changing COVID-19 regulations, the Thornton School is in the process of planning how our facilities can be utilized in the spring. Some individual instruction could still take place online, but we do anticipate that some will begin taking place in-person again. Due to these uncertainties, it is important that students have access to an instrument and a place to play that instrument during the lesson time since some lessons may still take place online. In most cases, access to Gateway will be limited to music majors and performance minors (e.g. Musical Studies minors, Jazz Studies minors, and Musical Theatre minors). 

This page contains links to D-clearance request forms for individual instruction courses at the USC Thornton School of Music.

These forms are applicable for Thornton majors and minors and non-Thornton major students requesting individual instruction at the 300, 301 or 501 level. These include, but are not limited to, secondary individual instruction for Thornton majors (lessons in addition to your primary major lessons), required individual instruction for BA Music majors, required individual instruction for Thornton minors, or required individual instruction for a DMA elective field.

These forms are not for Thornton performance major–required individual instruction courses (e.g., 153, 253, 353, 453, 553, 653 level). Thornton majors must contact their academic advisor regarding clearance for performance major–required individual instruction.

Please note that these are request forms, and filling out the form does not guarantee approval of D-clearance, nor will you be automatically enrolled if approved. Upon submission of your request, you will receive a confirmation that describes a time frame in which you will receive your decision. Check your USC email for updates and if approved, take action in a timely manner to register on Web Registration once you receive notification of D-clearance.

Select the appropriate request form from the list below:

Choral Music
Classical Guitar
Classical Voice (not Choral Music instruction)
Classical Piano (includes Organ, KCA and Harpsichord)
Classical Strings
Music Technology and Screen Scoring
Popular Music
Studio Guitar (includes Jazz and Pop Guitar)
Winds, Brass, Percussion, Early Music, Conducting and Composition