Theory and Analysis Questions 1-5

Error Detection Answers
1. a. incorrect spelling c. parallel 5ths
b. improperly resolved 7th d. chord spacing
2. a. parallel 5ths c. chord spacing
b. wrong inversion d. parallel octaves
a. missing 3rd
c. bad doubling
b. incorrect spelling d. chord spacing
4. a. incorrect spelling c. unresolved 7th
b. parallel octaves d. wrong inversion
5. a. improperly resolved 7th c. parallel 5ths

b. chord spacing

d. missing 3rd


For further study of part-writing in a 4-part texture, see:
Kostka, Stephan and Dorothy Payne. Tonal Harmony: With an Introduction to Twentieth-Century Music. 5th edition. McGraw-Hill, 2004. There is an accompanying workbook that could prove helpful in preparing for the exam, and includes 2 CD’s worth of audio recordings of the musical examples in the workbook. The main text itself also has many “self-tests” with answers in the back. Questions 1-5 examine various issues of part-writing in a 4-part texture. This is discussed throughout many chapters in the Kostka text, especially chapters 6, 8, 9, and 13.


Suggestions for Specific Questions:

1) Chapter 13
2) Chapter 6
3) Chapter 6
4) Chapter 6
5) Chapters 6 and 13