Bruce Forman with guitar

Bruce Forman featured on cover of Jazz Guitar Today

Guitarist Bruce Forman, a faculty member in the Thornton Studio Guitar program, was the focus of a cover story in the latest issue of Jazz Guitar Today. In the feature, Forman speaks about his new album, Reunion!, the way that storytelling influences his music and how he developed the skill to hold a conversation and play guitar at the same time.

Forman also discussed what inspired him to create his one-man show, Red Guitar.

“First of all, my relation to music, and everything, is storytelling. There were already some great templates with The Red Shoes and The Red Violin. And I had gotten an amazing red guitar made by Stefan Sonntag. So, put together my passion for the music and its history, my infatuation with the instrument, my writing and poetry, my love of entertaining and my ability to talk and play at the same time…I think it’s kind of obvious,” Forman said.

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