black and white portrait of Schyman

Garry Schyman discusses the making of “Metamorphosis” score

Garry Schyman, a faculty member in the Screen Scoring program, was interviewed alongside collaborator Mikolai Stroinski by TheGamer and Push Square to discuss their score for the Kafka-inspired video game Metamorphosis, released by Ovid Works this summer. In the interviews, Schyman spoke to both outlets about the various musical elements he and his collaborator used throughout the score to create its unique sound.

Schyman also discussed their exploration of experimental expressionist music while creating the score. “It was, for me, an opportunity to geek out on a very creative period of music and art that I greatly admired and had composed in extensively during my studies and beyond, but never thought I could use these techniques in a game or any other commercial project,” said Schyman.

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