Jaden Smith highlights work with Thornton faculty member Nick Stoubis

Musician and actor Jaden Smith mentioned his work with Nick Stoubis (pictured), chair of USC Thornton’s Studio Guitar program, on the radio show Big Boy’s Neighborhood on Real 92.3 in Los Angeles. On June 1st, Smith visited the show for an insightful conversation. “People are not making music right now that’s informed by the past,” Smith said. When the topic of his new album came up, Smith had this to say (at the 36:00 mark):

“I’m making my next album with a professor from USC. His name is Nick Stoubis. . . He’s making my next album with me because I want it to be on that level, that university level of music. . . I want to make USC-quality music. You know what I’m saying? And that’s why I’m working with an educator to help me.”

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