Jensen McRae in white jacket photographed against red backdrop

Jensen McRae featured on KCRW

Popular Music alum Jensen McRae (BM ’19) was recently featured on KCRW’s In Residence series, with the outlet describing McRae as “unquestionably one of KCRW’s favorite new artists of 2020.”

In her interview, McRae talks about the music she’s currently writing and why visibility is important as a Black artist in the folk-rock genre. “Black women can write sad indie music in addition to writing soul and hip-hop and R&B,” she says. “I want to create alternatives to all the tropes about Black women in media, because I rarely identify with them, and I know there are young kids out there who would really respond to seeing someone like me in the public eye.”

McRae is set to release her first full-length album in 2021. Read her full interview and listen to her latest singles on the KCRW website.

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