Photo of Emmy composer and faculty member Laura Karpman

Laura Karpman featured in the Los Angeles Times

Laura Karpman, a USC Thornton Screen Scoring faculty member, was recently profiled in the the Los Angeles Times about her orchestral piece All American that premiered at the Hollywood Bowl on Thursday, August 22. Karpman told the Times, “It’s about amplifying women. It’s about wanting to be out loud myself, but it’s also about saying, ‘And here are my sisters. They didn’t get this opportunity.'”

Karpman’s passion for increasing visibility and opportunities for female composers in film, television and classical music can be seen throughout her work. In 2014, Karpman co-founded the Alliance for Women Film Composers. In the interview, Karpman also expressed her dreams to “launch a sort of musicological Marshall Project some day that would catalog, record and publish forgotten music by female composers from around the world.”

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